Hillsboro, MO

Christian Education

Adult Bible Class

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship… Acts 2:42

“Sunday morning Bible Study is an engaging opportunity to discuss all segments of the bible.  It gives me an hour of thought provoking reading, discussion, and sharing of the Word of God.” - Diane Koogler, Zion Member

“Adult Bible class is an energetic discussion of God's word and how to keep perspective in the world we live in.” - Roberta Van Doren, Zion Member

From the beginning of the Church, people have gotten together regularly to dig into God’s Word.  Each week, people of all ages get together at Zion to do the same:  to dig into God’s Word and apply it to the world we live in.  

Our time on Sunday morning is an open discussion where different points of view are recognized and welcomed as we look to deepen our knowledge of God’s promise to us in Jesus Christ and strengthen our connection to one another.  And here’s the best part...all of this is done over donuts and coffee!

Topics change throughout the year so check in from time to time to see what Zion is talking about!


What is Lifelight?

“I don't always get to church on Sunday, but I go to Lifelight to shore up my moral meter. I see a lot of ugliness in my job and I need goodness sometimes to balance things out….Lifelight makes me feel better. I have been going with the same people on and off for years and I am comfortable with this group. There are some like me who do not know the bible well or the parts that are in the background. There are others that are very knowledgeable and willing to explain. They do not judge or make me feel like I should know more.” - Sandy Brown, Lifelight attendee & member of Zion

“I enjoy Lifelight because working in a group helps me understand the Word.  When I answer a question myself, I may have doubts that I understood the meaning correctly. At Lifelight, I get to hear the answers of others which reassures me of my own understandings.  I feel i have learned much more about the Word in Lifelight.  I really enjoy the camaraderie.” - Darlene Colton, Lifelight attendee

Lifelight is a recurring nine week bible study that allows one to read and contemplate God's word on a daily basis.  During the week, five sessions ask one to read and answer questions. Then we meet, discuss our answers, and in most cases enjoy a fellowship time.

We meet at the leader's home creating a comfortable setting for studying God's word and sharing our christian lives. Christians and nonbelievers are welcome, so bring your friends or neighbors!

Lifelight begins at 6:30pm on Tuesday evenings . The formal portion lasts about an hour followed by fellowship.

Interested in learning more about Lifelight?  Contact Zion member Wally Kautzner by email at wckautzner@nullyahoo.com  

Sunday School & Wednesday Night G.I.F.T.

Zion offers religious educational opportunities for all ages throughout the week. Sunday School and Bible Classes for everyone are held on Sunday morning. Sunday School and mid-week G.I.F.T. students enjoy the Group's Buzz circulation. The Youth Bible Class uses a topical study format.

Our Sunday School and G.I.F.T. team includes: Kristin Driemeier, Elizabeth Williams, Gerard and Martha Schellin, Roberta Vandoren, Gary Williams, and Theresa Williams.